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Share Draft Fees

Corporate Check
Excess Transfer Fee
Temporary Checks Order
Cashier's Check
Check Order

ATM Fees

Empty ATM Envelope

Wire Transfers

Domestic Wires
International Wires
Wire Trace Fee
Incoming Wires


Visa Annual Fee
Balance Transfer Fee
Cash Advance Fee - on our credit card
Foreign Transaction Fee
1% of each transaction in U.S. dollars
Late Payment Fee
Up to $20
Return Payment Fee
Up to $29
Over-the-Credit-Limit Fee
Up to $20
Replacement Card Rush Shipping Fee
Visa Card Statement Copy

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)

Each Deposit Item Returned For Insufficient Funds (NSF)
(Deposit Via ATM's) Each Returned Item
ATM Foreign Deposit for NSF
ATM Deposit Adjustment
Transaction at Non-UCSCU/Non-Network ATMs

Loan Fees

DMV Transfer Fee
Mortgage Demand Fee (per request)
Verification of Mortgage
Loan Extension Fee
Real Estate Loan Reconveyance
Plus: County Recording Fees
Charges Vary per County
Real Estate Subordination
DMV Processing for Private Party & Non-Dealer Transactions

Stop Payment Fees

Checks (no stop payment on corporate checks before 90 days)

Copy Fees

Personal Check (first two checks free per statement)
Statement Copy
Cashier's Check
Faxed Documents (per page)

Misc. Fees

Federal Express
Notary Fee (per signature)
New Member Fee
Research Fee (per hour)
Rush Delivery
Card Replacement Fee
VOD - Verification of Deposit
IRA Closed or Transferred
Express Payment (online)
Legal Fees
Address Locator Fee
Coin Dep (only Burbank Branch)

Universal Pay

Universal Pay Fees (for each item paid under the limit)

Foreign Cash Redeemed

Foreign Item Redeemed (ex. Check)
Foreign Cash Purchase

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