Universal City Studios Credit Union (UCSCU) is a full-service financial institution that has been serving the entertainment community and its members since 1927, and we look forward to our one hundredth anniversary in 2027! Unlike banks, which are owned by stockholders, Universal City Studios Credit Union (UCSCU) is cooperatively owned by its members. So while banks generate profits, we are not-for-profit and operate to serve the best interests of our member-owners. That means you benefit through excellent member service, higher yields on your savings, lower rates on your loans, lower fees and many no-fee services. Think of what you can do with all the money you earn and save by being a member.

Universal City Studios Credit Union (UCSCU) is a primary financial resource for diverse people involved in the entertainment and related industries, providing economic access and growth opportunities as an alternative to other "banking" channels, distinct in character, and providing our members with more control and options in their lives. We have a familiar and respected brand and we have a great reputation with our members for excellent customer service. We provide a core of financial products our membership desires, including mortgages. We do not pursue some riskier products such as indirect lending and member business loans.

The entertainment industry is alive and well in Southern California! Historically, the entertainment industry has continued to thrive through many recessions and the Great Depression. Our strategic direction has led us to acquire an off-lot location in 2006 and although we continue to pursue members in the ever widening circle of entertainment-related individuals and businesses, we also intend to supplement our membership within our immediate community and broaden our membership efforts within our designated areas. We intend to stick with our core competencies such as cautiously adding to our assets while maintaining and increasing our reserve capital.

To operate in a safe and secure manner. To be cost efficient so that we can offer equitable savings and lending rates to our members. To provide a personal one-on-one service where members feel at home at the Credit Union. All of which shall be supported by offering excellent product quality and services while maintaining standards of ethics and integrity. "We are a people helping people financial institution."

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With a one-time membership fee of $1 and a $5 initial deposit, you can open a UCSCU savings account—and become a member for life even if you change jobs, retire or move out of the area.

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